Dancing PRO/AM – New Dance Program at RDS!

You don’t have a dance partner?
At our dance school a professional dancer will dance with you.

What’s PRO/AM?

Pro-am (sometimes pro-am, pro/am, pro am or ProAm) is an abbreviation for professional-amateur. It’s a concept that erases the differences between professional and amateur (in sports and art). A concept when amateur actions become professional or vice versa. It’s a connection, an approximation. Sometimes it’s also referred to as “amateur professionalism” or semi-professionalism.

PRO/AM in Dance

This dance teaching method conquered the U.S. (it’s been popular there for 100 years; the very first studio to teach PRO/AM was Fred Astaire’s Dance Studio in New York), and it’s now slowly coming to Europe, too. It’s the system of dancing you see in popular TV shows, such as “Let’s Dance” or “Dancing with the Stars”.

The professional (dance instructor) teaches the amateur in dance through individual lessons.
Thus, a dance couple is created (male PRO/female AM or female PRO/male AM).

The professional is a dance teacher – an instructor with appropriate education or experience in the field of dance instruction with many years of dance practice and dance as an occupation, who receives financial remuneration for dance instruction, dance demos and presentation and contests.

In this concept, the amateur is interested in being educated in dance and has little or no dance experience. It’s the general public (men, women from 5 to 100 years of age) for whom dance is a challenge, a goal, relaxation, fulfillment, joy, love and happiness. The amateur agrees on the dance lessons and performances in advance with the instructor who sets the dance program and the student pays for it according to the pricelist of the dance studio.

The PRO/AM dance couple may perform together and take part in contests for PRO/AM couples.

In the end, the profile of the PRO/AM couple vanishes, as the amateur may achieve the dance level of his/her dance instructor.


The Riverpark Dance School, in collaboration with Heaven Dance Studio, offers you something you usually don’t find. We use different teaching methods that help develop your skills. Dance is a form of how we want to show you that you can have or develop certain skills; it’s just a tool that helps you make use of your own potential.

At Riverpark Dance School, Tomáš Antálek and Tomáš Tanka give lessons of the new Dancing PRO/AM program.