Master Class Port De Bras | Irina Kulchitskaya

Do not miss the unique Master Class Port De Bras with the stunning Irina Kulchitskaya on November 15th at 19:15 in the Riverpark Dance School!

PortDeBras is a harmonizing exercise designed for everyone who likes to discover new forms of exercise exercises, who enjoy dancing and want to develop their physical and mental harmony effectively and equally. Exercise improves movement coordination, body movement control, arm movements and body posture.

Its goal is to improve the proper and effective involvement of the muscles involved in proper body holding and to create healthy movement habits. Like other Body and Mind programs, PortDeBras brings psychic relaxation. Thanks to the aesthetically smooth movement in harmony with the stimulating and at the same time calming music, the regular breathing and the concentration on your own body, the experience of the exercise is unrepeatable.

PortDeBras is designed for all ages and performance groups, without the need for dance foundation.

When: 15.11.2018 o 19:15
Where: Riverpark Dance School
Entrance: 6 €

We are looking forward to see you!