Since she was a little girl, Michaela has been active in several dance groups, and is generally talented. She has mastered various dance styles – hip hop, latino and standard dances, dancehall, lockin, poppin, hype, hip hop new style, the basics of krump and c-walk, house dance, and the basics of break dance.

Her dance successes include a victory in the Championship of the Slovak Republic with the dance group Kick Down in the Hip Hop category, performances under the direction of Tina (a dancer who danced in the USA on tour with Madonna), the dance competition JUSTE DEBOUT in Paris, and dancing with Dara Rollins on tour in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

She was a support dancer for the Fugees, Black Eyed Peas and Sean Paul at their Slovak concerts, she participated in fashion shows for Adidas and Reebok and has performed on popular TV shows. She has acted in several video clips for H16 and PSH, DARA ROLINS, AMO and MISHA.