Chris Bryan Rone

Chris Bryan Rone comes from Los Angeles. He graduated with a degree in modern dance from UC Irvine in California, and continued his studies at London Contemporary Dance School and Greenwich Dance Agency. He gained his major hip-hop style experience at Millennium Dance Studio in Los Angeles, EDGE and UCLA (University of California) in Los Angeles, where he completed his bachelor studies in 2004. Chris is not only an accomplished dance performer and choreographer; he is also a producer of various videos, commercial events, live shows in Los Angeles (Pink, Rihanna, Chris Brown) and commercials for Nike, Mercedes-Benz, etc. He has taught dance from England to Russia, and his desire is to develop and educate further generations of dancers. In plain terms, he takes dance seriously, and his virtue is that he is able to inspire upcoming generations of dancers to become professionals.
Chris has used his vast pedagogical experience during his activities in many countries of the world. He has taught at a few renowned dance schools in Los Angeles, California, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Great Britain.
Chris Bryan Rone is coming to Slovakia, and we are very glad that his next stop is Riverpark Dance School. So, don’t miss the unique opportunity to gain new dance experience and participate in jazz, modern and contemporary dance lessons under the guidance of this excellent instructor at our dance school. You won’t regret it :)

Chris is the instructor of Jazz LA Style BEG, Jazz LA Style INT, Jazz Basics and American Contemporary classes  at our dance school.

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