Dominica Malenovská is a student of the Academy of Performing Arts in the field of dance interpretation. She began dancing as a six - year old  in the Music School Jana Kovalskeho in Bratislava.  After finishing music school she developed her dancing skills, and for a moment was devoted to hip-hop dance at Hip Hop Faculty, Sketch and the company Hella, with whom she had a few hip-hop competitions. In addition to hip hop activities it was also given to enhancing the capacity of modern dance to it at that time provided the Riverpark Dance School. She faced with a number of dance styles to the first clue in which direction you should take. It was just Lyrical Jazz under  Viky Kozakova and also Contemporary Dance under the direction of Chris Bryan Rone. It also had an opportunity to be here to meet with several foreign choreographers such example was Erica Sobol (USA). As time went Dominic was aware that her dance interpretation constantly crave modern dance and decided to attend auditions for dance theater Bralen led by Rastislav Letenaj, which was successful. There she found a great development in the art of dance and also had an opportunity to work with choreographers like Joe Alegado (USA), David Srnad (CZ), Rastislav Letenaj (SK), Jan Letenajova (SK). And also participated in other dance workshops led by celebrities such as Sharon Boots (USA), Cyril Baldy (BLG), Palo Frenák (HUN), Anton Lachky (BLG) and the like. Since 2012, the internal dancer and also teachers in dance theater Bralen.