Formal education / Formal education:

Masaryk University Brno, Faculty of Sports Studies, student

University of Comenius Bratislava, Faculty of Medicine, Physiotherapy

Slovenská zdravotnícka univerzita, FOaZOŠ, Physiotherapy / Management in physiotherapy /

Charles University Prague, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, personal and fitness trainer, fitness trainer

Certification & Courses / Certification:

AŠK Dukla Banská Bystrica, sport instructor, AŠD judo, 1.dan

Trainer 3rd Qualification Degree in Bodybuilding, Fitness and Power Triathlon, Slovak Bodybuilding Association, Fitness and Power Troop, IFBB, License B.

Conditional trainer 2nd qualifying stage, Slovak Association of Contemporary Trainers

Pilates Medical, MUDr.Klenkova Monika, MUDr. Kazimir Julius /

Pilates Instructor - Pilates Academy Sabongui Prague, Physical and Sporting Services Provider, Pilates Instrumentation Instrument, Level I + II, Level I-III and Ron Fletcher towelwork

Trainer III. Athletics / SAZ, IAAF, EAA /, gymnastics / FIG, UEG /, CESS, ISCA / aquafitness / FTVS UK /

Redcord Medical - SET Neurac, DNS Prague School, TRX - Suspension Training Course, SM System / Spiral Stabilization Training System /, MUDr. Smisek Richard

Kettlebells course level I, Yoga for Athletes, 3D Strength, Athletes Perfomance EXOS, Movement Based Program, Brett Bartholomew, MS.Ed., CSCS, Movement Preparation, Movement Skills and Development, Strength and Power Program Design /, Oslo, Norway

Slovak Red Cross, First Aid Course, European Cerfitikate 33 / EFAC /

HP Academy, Personal Trainer Course Vienna, Personal Trainer, Functional Training, Medical Fitness Trainer

Certified instructor
Certificate: PILATES level I + II movement level instructor, MAT I-III and Ron Fletcher Towelwork
Supervisor: Mgr.Renata Sabongui
Year: 30.3.2014
Certificate: Pilates Medical
Advisor: MUDr. Monika Klenková, MUDr. Július Kazimír
Year: 2008