Natália has been dancing since she was 3 years old and competing in standard dances since she was 6.

As a 12-year-old, just after moving to Italy to live and train, she had only competed in Latin-American dances, which suited her heart and lively nature. However, she also teaches standard dances which you can see her perform along with show dances at various events.

Natália is a multiple Slovak champion and a finalist in the World Junior Latin-American Championships (the highest performance category). She has also represented Slovakia at many international competitions in the highest performance category for adults, where she reached many achievements and won many prizes. Thanks to dance, she has spent time in Italy, Slovenia, Prague, London and Denmark, while also competing in many other countries.

Natália has also appeared in two seasons of the Let´s Dance TV show. First, she danced with Roman Pomajbo, the actor and showman, and then with Martin Mňahončák, the actor, with whom she was a finalist.

Her dance and theatrical experience includes a solo performance in the successful Just Dance show at Nová scéna, the first dance show in Slovakia performed in a theatre.

Natália can also take pride in her extensive training experience; she has worked as a trainer at several schools at home and abroad. Thanks to her excellent dance accomplishments, she was awarded the title of Slovak Dance Sport International Legend as a 22-year-old.

Natália is looking forward to teaching you at her PRO AM or individual lessons at Riverpark Dance School.