Lea has been working as an instructor of group exercises for 18 years. During her studies at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports and Mathematics and Physics Faculty, she started working as an instructor of aerobics and toning forms of group exercises. Exercise itself, without which she cannot go a single day, but also contact with people, the opportunity to help them with their problems, experience their joy and happiness, as well as toil and pain, is what makes aerobics and exercising an inseparable part of her life.

• A-licensed IFAA instructor
• 1st class SZRTVS aerobics instructor
• Degrees in Step, Body Work, Bosu and Body Pump FX
• Schwinn cycling instructor
• BodyART Level 1 presenter
• deepWORK basic, deepWORK advanced and deepWORK presenter in Slovakia and abroad

For almost 10 years now, Lea has even been instructing aerobics instructors. She leads 1st and 2nd class aerobics instructor training sessions and professional education: degrees and workshops.
She owns the MOVE Academy, a group exercise school, which, among others, organizes deepWORK concept training for the Slovak and the Czech Republic on an exclusive basis.
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