Hellena started to actively work as an aerobics instructor during her university studies. As new forms of exercise emerged, she tried everything from BodyWork through Hi-Low Aerobics, Step Aerobics, FitBall Aerobics to Spinning. Later, due to her workload, she cut back on her lessons, but continued to do classic aerobics while taking an interest in many movement-aimed congresses.

This kept her moving forward on the physical and mental levels. Then, in November 2008, she discovered a new form of exercise - PortDeBras® as presented by Russian dancer and choreographer - Vladimir Snezhik and his colleague, co-creator, Spanish presenter and physiotherapist - Julio Papi. She started to intensively pursue this exercise and often travelled abroad to take part in their lessons. She repeatedly took certified workshops with both creators and became close to them professionally and socially; she continues to attend their courses and increase her qualifications. As the only authorized PortDeBras® instructor in Slovakia, she leads workshops supported by these creators. To grow professionally, she started taking private classical dance lessons because PortDeBras® is a combination of classical dance, strengthening and stretching. This motivated her even more, and she took a Pilates training course with Renata Sabongui and many foreign instructors to support her preparation for her lessons. In addition, she has started to practice Ashtanga Yoga.

Hellena is the instructor of Port De Bras and Pilates classes at our dance school.

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