Fero a Barborka


Fero graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava with a specialization in Pedagogy of Folk Dance. Today, he works as a dancer (FS Marína, US Lúčnica – soloist 1996 – 2003, JAN (GASP) Husľovačka, Dragúni), as an instructor in Slovakia and abroad (DFS Vienok, FS Technik, VUS Ondráš, Brno (CZ) Táncház, Budapest (HU) Festival Rozstaje, Krakow (PL) Lublin (PL)) and as an excellent choreographer, who has created interesting and unique dances for many groups and competitions (DFS Vienok, Bratislava DFS Čečinka, Bratislava FS Háj, Rimavská Sobota, FS Technik, Laureate of Akademický Zvolen 2005 and 2007, Akademická Nitra 2008, 2012, National Competition of Creative Choreographies 2012, Golden Brige – Budapest 2012, FS Technik – Folklove, SĽUK -, “Tancovali naši vašim”, Dragúni - Husľovačka I, Husľovačka II).

As author and director, Fero has taken part in many projects (Bratislavské hudobné slávnosti, Istropolitana, MFF Východná, MFF Myjava, Podpolianske folklórne slávnosti in Detva, FF Koliesko – Kokava n.Rimavicou, dance programs: V zrkadle času, Už sa fašiang kráti, ...). He has also worked as a producer and writer for the following programs Tanečný dom, Nay tanečný dom at the Bažant Pohoda festival and in cooperation with TV Markíza.

Fero is one of the founders of the Tanečný dom, 2002 movement.


Barborka graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava with a specialization in Performing Arts – Pedagogy of Folk Dance. She has danced in many folk groups, such as DFS Vienok, u.s. Lúčnica, Dragúni DFS Vienok, FS Technik and Tanečný dom. She also uses her rich dance experience as a choreographer for DFS Vienok (DFS Kobylka – medal-winner at the choreography contest DFS Bratislavský kraj), FS Technik (Laureate of Akademický Zvolen 2007, Akademická Nitra 2010, 2012), Golden Brige (Budapest 2012), SĽUK – (Chorea Slovaca 2011), Dragúni (Husľovačka 1, Husľovačka 2). She has also lectured at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Constantine the Philosopher University (Nitra, from 2005 Department of Ethnology and Ethnomusicology). Barborka also lectured and taught at AMU in Prague and VUS Ondráš in Brno.

She has cooperated in the preparation and implementation of various projects (Tanečný dom, NAY Tanečný dom), the preparation of programs for well-known folk festivals (Východná, Myjava, Koliesko – Kokava nad Rimavicou) and in scientific documentation (Traditional Dance Culture of Slovak Regions). She has served as a member of professional panels – choreography contest DFS, FS and Šaffova ostroha, and actively participated at several scientific events (Współczesnie procesz kulturowe w Europie środkowej, Cieszyn – Poland, 3rd Ethnochoreological Seminar, Prague, 29th Ethnomusicology Seminar, Bratislava, 32nd Ethnomusicology Seminar, Mojmírovce).

They are instructors of Slovak Folk Dance classes at our dance school.

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