Cvičisko is a group of fighters against obesity, an unhealthy way of life and a weak will. We like and sport and as a group of coaches with several years of experience we advise and practice what we know best.

The Riverpark Dance School, in cooperation with Cvičisko, brings you unique group Functional Training.

Do you feel back pain from a permanent sitting, later a cervical spine and then a head? Do you have problem to go up the stairs or just a bit run of a bus? Unfortunately, it is not unusual. In childhood, the simplest and most gentle moves we make today are scrubs and convulsions accompanied by pain. All of this is based on muscle imbalances that we have cultivated in our entire life. The role of Functional Training is therefore not only to eliminate these disorders and to restore the basic physical functions in proper reconciliation, but mainly to prepare the body for normal life, to get in shape, to improve the holding of the body and, above all, to feel better.