Caludy has been dancing since she was 15 years old. She has worked as an instructor and choreographer for seven years and is a member of the RDS Company dance group.
As a Riverpark Dance School instructor, she also works with students at international schools in Bratislava.

Her preferred dance styles include New Style, Locking, Hype and Diva Style.
She has gained rich experience at workshops of world-class dancers at the Broadway Dance Center and the Perridance Studio dance schools in New York City.
She has also attended the following foreign workshops: Dante 7, Archie I (USA), Yoshie (Japan), Byron Cox (USA), Ambra (Sweden), Wahe (Czech Republic) among many others.

In Slovakia, she has worked with Thomas Puskailer, Tomi Popovič, Patrícia Vittek and Dara Rolins. She has also performed in the music videos of Robert Burian and Mišo Biely and in various dance contests (Nikewoman, Miss DANCE 2012 and many others).

Claudy strives to bring originality and expression to her dance. As he says, “everyone feels the dance differently and that’s what’s beautiful and unique about it.”
During her lessons, she insists on developing the freestyle – individual and unique style of every dancer.
Her style is vigorous yet feminine; every woman will find something appealing in it. The movements, although not complex, are felt deeply.

See for yourself at her Diva Style(Hip Hop in Heels) lessons on Fridays from 7:15 to 8:15 p.m.
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