Addy has been dancing since he was a child. Since then he has worked his way from folk to hip-hop.
He was first exposed to hip-hop in 1995 when he started to train with Freddy´s Dance Group and later with Different Colors.

Five years ago, he founded a dance group in Modra called ADT crew. He also began to attend workshops around Slovakia, the Czech Republic /SDK EUROPE/ and abroad.

For the last three years, Addy has actively pursued Waacking under many instructors such as Sabina Škodová, Ondrej Simon, Aus Ninja, Princess Lockeroo, Tyron Proctor, Yoshie, Waackeisha and 1G, and today he is the undisputed master of this dance style in Slovakia.

Recently, he was the only Slovak dancer chosen by none other than Tyron Proctor, the legendary Soul Train dancer, to be a member of IHOW (Imperial House of Waacking).

He strives to explain the basics of Waacking dance style to his students as thoroughly as possible so that they can properly understand it and dance it. For this reason, he insists on expounding on the history of this dance style in addition to the steps.

He is also the organizer of the Slovak waacking & hip-hop battle, the founder of The Slovak Waackers community and a judge and winner of many Waccking battles and competitions such as
SDK Europe – showcase with Princess Lockeroo; Street Life Jam 2013 – waacking battle – 1st place; Street Life Jam 2014 – judge; and Urban Dance Camp (winter edition)/Hungary – funkstyle battle – 3 vs. 3 – 1st place.