The basics of jazz music or dance can be found in the rhythms brought to America by African slaves – they used to celebrate every occasion with dancing and music. Jazz techniques are the base for any dance style, whether you want to do it professionally or just dance for the joy of the movement. The jazz development was also influenced by other dance techniques, such as classic dance, contemporary, American modern dance, German expression dance, as well as by the pedagogues and choreographers themselves. The characteristic features include improvisation, polyrhythmics, polycentrics and individuality of style. Jazz is very particular about technique, based on its strong bonds with ballet. On Broadway, the jazz dance has evolved into a new “sleek” style, taught at present as modern jazz – Katherine Dunham was an important dancer who began teaching it in this spirit in 1950. The jazz dance was made more popular by the work of Bob Foss, which may be seen in Broadway shows such as Chicago, Cabaret, Damn Yankees or The Pajama Game. At present, the modern jazz dance is perceived as an important element of musical theatre, and it may be seen in music videos as well.