Body Forming

Body Forming is a specific type of aerobic exercise that positively influences the cardiovascular system and the organism’s support and movement apparatus. It is ideal for body shaping and body forming. The aim of this exercise is not only to lose weight, but also to get into good physical shape, exercise the entire body and strengthen muscles while shaping problematic body parts (the spine, abdominal and sciatic muscles, arms, legs, etc.). When practicing Body Forming, participants use their own body weight and various equipment (aerobic weights, fit balls, rubber exercise bands, etc.) to strengthen muscles. The main advantage of working out with light weights is the universal exercising of the muscles of your entire body accompanied by the increased input of oxygen from the lungs to the heart and muscles. Through intensive and uninterrupted exercising at the correct tempo on a regular basis, we favorably affect our metabolism, leading to a reduction of fat and helping to form our figure.
This exercise is suitable for people of all age categories.